ITHCA Group is aiming to be a driving force for the development of the ICT industry in Oman, therefore it will act as a strategic investor within Oman’s ICT investment ecosystem, balancing financial return with national agenda and mainly complementing the market to maximise value creation with a mid-to-long term investment horizon.

Accordingly, ITHCA Group will acquire stakes in a few invested companies, where it will ensure to have a strategic direction in line with the Group’s mandate, which will require that  well-defined and actionable governance mechanisms are in place.

To focus its initiatives, 4 main strategic pillars defining the Group’s playing field have been developed:

ITHCA Group Strategic Pillars and Initiatives


  Enhance performance of existing assets:

  • Enhance performance of ITHCA Group existing assets
  • Expand into direct adjacent businesses


 Scale up data center and cloud market:

  • Establish best-in-class cloud offering
  • Establish integrated data hub

Build up and expand cybersecurity industry:

  • Rationalize cybersecurity legacy assets
  • Acquire & scale up cybersecurity players

Enhance digital solutions capabilities:

  • Establish vehicle to accelerate digital transformation
  • Scale up digital central platform
  • Scale up IT service offerings in Oman

Expand into international markets:

  • Expand existing portfolio services and offerings into international markets


Capture market potential of IOT:

  • Enable development of smart city ecosystem

Harness benefits of 4IR technologies:

  • Enable sector-focused smart AI and Data Analytics solutions
  • Flagship blockchain program to enable industries
  • Capture opportunities in other emerging techs and early-stage technologies

Accelerate VC growth in Oman:

  • Invest in Technology focused VC initiatives


Accelerate ICT skill and capability development & deployment:

  • Launch talent matching and deployment offerings

Expedite digital innovations:

  • Create ICT market place

Establish strategic partnerships:

  • Develop partnership opportunities

ITHCA Group Strategic Pillars and Initiatives

1. Investments in strategically-aligned Omani growth businesses (Direct Investments):

Further to the need to have strong strategic-alignment, ITHCA Group reviews several other factors which determine the extent to which an investment may be assessed, considered or prioritised. These include whether an opportunity:

  • Has been incorporated in Oman
  • Enjoys a high Omanization rate, especially for key technology and business roles
  • Is growing and require capital to grow further and/or faster
  • Demonstrates a product/service portfolio or a minimum viable product
  • Has already extensively deployed a variety of capital sources such as founder, friends and family, Angel, Pre-seed and Seed capital (including OTF) to bring the product or service to its first revenue clients
  • Has a scalable business model suitable to the Omani and regional markets
2. Investments alongside 3rd parties for strategically aligned Omani Investments (JVs and Partnerships):

A common method of investment at ITHCA Group is working with National and International entities for the purpose of achieving ITHCA Group’s strategic initiatives. Although ITHCA Group does not directly invest in foreign companies, it regularly engages in joint investment with well-established foreign companies to jointly invest in Oman’s ICT sector. ITHCA Group is open to exploring any opportunities within our scope and mandate and which will lead to growth in the Omani ICT sector.

Where ITHCA Group invests alongside foreign companies

Partner with foreign companies committed to investing capital in Oman to develop sustainable business(es) within ITHCA Group’s mandate.

Partner with domestic companies or Joint Ventures between domestic and international companies who will collectively develop sustainable business within ITHCA Group’s mandate.

Where ITHCA Group doesn’t invest alongside foreign companies

Partner with foreign companies planning to use ITHCA Group as a sales channel, without a commitment to invest or build a local business (one-person local representation should not be considered a local business).

Partner with foreign companies in segments or sectors where strong private sector businesses already exist.

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