Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is ITHCA?

ITHCA Group, previously known as the Oman Information and Communication Technologies Group, is the leading pioneer in the ICT sector in the Sultanate who plans to invest in the talents of the youth to elevate our standards to international levels, and help in increasing Oman’s GDP thus enhancing its economy.

2. How can you be a part of ITHCA?

You can visit the Investment page and choose to submit for a JV/Partnership or for a direct investment, or you can join the ITHCA team by checking the Training and Career initiatives which are designed to attract the best talents and bring out the best of them.

3. What are ITHCA’s investment objectives?
  • Facilitating and empowering Oman ICT sector
  • Enabling and utilizing the fourth industrial revolution
  • Ensuring financial sustainability internally and externally
  • Contributing to Oman economic growth and GDP
  • Creating jobs, internships and training opportunities in the ICT sector in the Sultanate
  • Supporting the rationalization of ICT investment locally and internationally
4. Where does ITHCA stand on the 2040 mission?

ITHCA Group plans to play the key role in terms of the ICT front in Oman’s 2040 Vision as the vision itself stresses the importance of this sector in helping in the sustainability, modernisation and globalisation of Oman’s economy.

5. What are ITHCA’s investment clusters?
  • Cybersecurity: Managed Security
  • DC and Cloud: Manage Data Center Services, Infrastructure As A Service, Platform As A Service and Software As A Service
  • Internet of Things
  • Emerging Technologies: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain
  • Knowledge Hub: Information System Consulting, IT Training & Education, and Software Support & Installation.